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Matt Heyworth

Matthew Heyworth

Matrimonial & Family

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“Thank you so much for representing me and putting closure on this, it has been hellish this last 5 years and indeed more. I will thoroughly be recommending you for the future if anyone asks!”

“I don’t know what I’d have done without what has been unbelievable support from you. Always restored confidence when I’ve needed it. I am very satisfied with the outcome and thank you for the excellent strategy and positioning.”

“Matt helped me through a very difficult and emotional time in my life and his help was instrumental in securing an agreement to see my young children on a regular basis. I remain very grateful for his professional support, advice and representation throughout and would readily recommend him to others in similar difficult circumstances.”

“His teeth are razor sharp and don’t let go!”

“My partner recommended Pitmans when I was forced to renegotiate my settlement with my ex-wife. Matthew quickly assessed the situation, summarised my position and filled me with confidence going into this difficult situation. His attention to detail proved critical in the end. The outcome was precisely what he had anticipated. My experience with both Matt and Pitmans was top drawer – money well spent!”

“Matt always put me at ease and made me feel more confident in dealing with my divorce. He makes you see things simply and acts in a professional but kind and personable manner. Matt always responded to my questions quickly and also made me feel that he really wanted to get the best for me and make a difference to my life going forward.”

“Matt brought different strategies and approaches to the case and on many occasions this meant a faster resolution to issues. Matt’s advice, counsel and guidance was thorough and comprehensive. He was both strategic and flexible, astute and practical, with the experience and results to back this up.”

“The Pitmans team are professional, well informed and calm under pressure. They take a balanced and realistic approach, with the welfare and future stability of the family at the centre.”


  • All aspects of family law including divorce, matrimonial finances and children matters
  • Specialises in Trust of Land claims, pre/post nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements
  • Regularly advises on complex divorce cases which involve business interests, trusts, foreign assets, multiple properties or inheritances
  • Provides an early indication as to the likely outcome in the case which often leads to an early settlement and therefore a cost-effective result
  • Represents clients in the Central Family Court with cases involving disputes over pre-marital and post-separation property
  • Meticulous and straight talking approach
  • Known for his strategic positioning in cases


  • Joined Pitmans in 2009
  • Law graduate of the University of Southampton and the College of Law

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