Pitmans Event

Pitmans addresses the gig economy in zero hour contract workshop

Jonathan Gray, Pitmans employment and unions specialist, attended a recent conference at the University of Hertfordshire as a guest speaker.

The university is leading research into the increase in the use of zero hour contracts and their association with the health and career wellbeing of workers as well as the legal implications. The conference considered the issues of employer liability under employment law and the broader debate about employers’ business models and the nature of flexibility, security/precarity and regulation in employment, given prominence by Theresa May’s setting up of a review of modern employment, announced in October 2016.

Jonathan addressed unions, researchers and HR professionals on the potential pensions black hole being created for the “gig economy” as a result of the self employed –v- worker debate (see our Uber, Pimlico and Deliveroo articles) and the earnings thresholds required to qualify for auto-enrolled pensions.

The event was heralded as ‘truly inspiring and thought provoking’.