Property Litigation

From service charges to rivalry over space to controlling contracts, the very nature of owning, developing or occupying property unfortunately often makes disputes inevitable.

But not all need to end up in court proceedings. We use our deep experience of identifying solutions to difficult problems to find the best and most effective way of resolving property disputes.

Our ability to think creatively and call upon expertise from our specialist real estate, advocacy, construction and insolvency lawyers, backed by our knowledge of the ever-changing market, means we can achieve success efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our wide range of commercial and residential property disputes includes:

  • Landlord and tenant issues such as:
    • Breach of covenants
    • Service charge disputes
    • Dilapidations
    • Break notices
  • Forfeiture
  • Commercial rent arrears recovery
  • Tenant insolvency
  • Lease Disclaimers, surrenders, assignments and terminations
  • Lease renewals through the Courts
  • Boundary disputes
  • Possession claims
  • Residential tenant evictions (including section 8 and section 21 notices and court proceedings)
  • Rights to light and other easements


We help individuals and corporates, whether they be landlords, tenants, developers, investment managers, insolvency practitioners, or other.

Case studies

Achieved early settlement for our client, a leading utility company, on a dispute over ownership of land. Our client applied for an injunction preventing the Defendants from entering and farming the land and the Defendants made a counterclaim for adverse possession, which we were able to settle shortly before trial.

Acting for a management company for a large private estate of over 500 homes in north London. In a recent case, we were successful in having a defence and counterclaim by a resident struck out. The resident was opposing the injunction they had received for trespassing by parking a large disused ambulance on a road with parking restrictions.

Our client faced a claim that their building site did not comply with environmental laws which, if had been successful, would have had considerable commercial and reputational implications for our client and its directors. As a result of our swift advice and action, we were successful in not only having the Abatement Notice withdrawn but having the Council agree that our client had entirely complied with their duties and obligations under the Environmental Protection Act and our client’s planning permission.

Assisted a multinational electronics company with a landlord and tenant dispute over the lease renewal of the property in which their UK call centre is based. Had they lost the dispute, their entire call centre operation would have had to have been relocated within very short notice. We were able to successfully resolve the dispute just prior to proceedings and they were able to continue to occupy the premises.


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