Pitmans Law: apprenticeships

Pitmans Law: the home of talent. Do you have what it takes to join us as an apprentice?

Our apprenticeships – run through the National Legal Apprenticeship scheme – are designed for those who don’t want to go to university and prefer to pursue a ‘vocational’ route into the legal services industry. Our scheme includes legal apprenticeships and opportunities across our finance, business development and marketing and front of house teams.

All of our apprentices are paid and line managers offer support for study and qualification as well as the development of hard and soft skills through hands-on, practical work. We offer our apprentices one day every fortnight to dedicate to study.

Our apprenticeships are offered in collaboration with award winning legal apprenticeship specialist, Damar Training, who provide one to one tuition for all those who join our team.

The recruitment window for apprenticeship applications is currently closed.

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