Pitmans Law: a culture built on our values

The unique culture at Pitmans is built on our values, which are fundamental to how we work with our clients, towards each other and behave as a business.

Our values guide all of our actions, individually and collectively and truly encapsulate the spirit of Pitmans Law.

We are:

  • Personable: an approachable, friendly team of specialist lawyers, regarded in the industry as great to work with
  • Distinctive: the courage to stand apart, to think and act personably, with an uncompromising focus on achieving client outcomes
  • Inspirational: we inspire our clients and each other by thinking creatively
  • Genuine: we are sincere, trustworthy and reliable; we say what we mean, matching our behaviours to our words
  • Professional: we take great pride in the professionalism of our work and demand exceptional performance from every member of our talented team of specialist lawyers
  • Proactive: we focus on being proactive, constantly thinking ahead to deliver over and above
  • Enthusiastic: we enjoy being in business and helping our clients – and it shows