When it comes to wills and inheritance tax, planning can benefit you and your loved ones. Contact our team today to see how we can help.

Who Do Pitmans' Wills & Inheritance Tax Planning Lawyers Work For?

We advise people who understand the benefits of planning ahead to ensure that the assets accumulated over a lifetime of hard work pass to the heirs they have chosen, without dispute, and with the least delay or expense, whether death occurs unexpectedly young, or in ripe old age. 

In recent years we have advised people with estates ranging from the very large to the very small, with equal care. Our clients reflect the diversity of today’s society, both British and international, and they come from many fields of employment or business activity. Typically they are seeking to protect their families or businesses from unexpected death and in the long run to minimise Inheritance Tax (IHT).

People tend to seek advice on making Wills at particular times of life – when getting married or divorced, following receipt of an inheritance, and on retirement. For those who already have Wills, reviews may be triggered by events within the family, or a change in tax law.

The experience we have gained from advising over 4,000 families over the past 40 years is at your disposal.

An initial free discussion will identify how we can help.

Do Pitmans' Pitmans' Wills & Inheritance Tax Planning Lawyers Have Any Partciular Areas of Expertise?

Nowadays “writing a Will” is not the issue. The law of Wills was codified in 1837 and standard forms and precedents have been developed over the years to comply with the law. What Pitmans also provide is tax and succession planning advice, based on a full picture of:

  • Your family tree
  • Assets you own, which will pass by your Will
  • Assets you do not own such as joint property, pensions or employer’s death in service plans, which do not pass by your Will
  • The ways in which Inheritance Tax (IHT) affects different types of people – British and foreign; married and unmarried, or in civil partnerships; with mental or physical disability
  • The ways in which IHT affects particular assets - shares in private companies, businesses, partnerships, or farms; intellectual property such as copyrights; life insurance; assets situated in other countries
  • Special rules for gifts to charity

At Pitmans we have experience to deal with all of these – and more! You can find links to the profiles of our specialists below. Other pages deal with the related topics of “Living Wills”, Lasting Powers of Attorney, lifetime Trusts and Inheritance Tax planning, and “cross-border” issues.

Why Choose Pitmans' Wills & Inheritance Tax Planning Lawyers?

Pitmans and its predecessor firms have been around in Reading for over 150 years. We became established in London in 2008. Our business has expanded from traditional private client work (Wills, trusts, probate, conveyancing, matrimonial and other disputes), into an impressive range of commercial fields, both UK and international.

Inevitably this brings us into contact with a very diverse range of business owners, and people who work for corporate clients. Many of them ask our private client team to help them with their personal and family business.

In a nutshell, we have a remarkable range of experience at your disposal.

Whether you think you just need a “simple Will” or have more complex family or tax issues to resolve, or have philanthropy in mind, please get in touch.

We are happy to talk by phone or at an initial meeting, free of charge, to see how we can help.

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