Are you a director of a company or a shareholder involved in a dispute? Get the advice you need to resolve the dispute promptly and efficiently.

Who Do Pitmans’ Shareholder Dispute Lawyers Work For?

Pitmans advise companies, their directors and shareholders in relation to shareholder disputes or other disagreements among the members or directors of companies.  These vary from substantial companies with institutional shareholders to large private companies, as well as family owned businesses, quasi partnerships and start-up companies.

Do Pitmans’ Shareholder Dispute Lawyers Have Any Particular Areas Of Expertise?

Pitmans have extensive experience of advising companies and their directors when there is a disagreement within the boardroom with shareholders or investors, as well as advising individual or groups of shareholders.  This is a technical area involving all aspects of company law, directors’ duties and corporate administration.  We advise on specialist remedies such as petitions for Unfair Prejudice and just and equitable winding up, as well as derivative actions and claims for breaches of shareholder agreements, the Company’s Articles of Association and directors’ duties.

Why Choose Pitmans’ Shareholder Dispute Lawyers?

There can be many reasons why disputes arise among shareholders or between shareholders and the directors of the Company.  It may be perceived that the directors are not pulling their weight, or are over compensating themselves and, conversely, there may be resentment that shareholders are profiting from the directors’ hard work but not making any contribution to the success of the Company.  Pitmans has advised on many such cases and have deep experience of how such disputes can be resolved promptly and effectively without the need for proceedings to be issued.  If proceedings cannot be avoided Pitmans have extensive experience of how to position and manage claims for “unfair prejudice” and other shareholder remedies.  We are not afraid to be tough but always aim to achieve an effective outcome as economically as possible on terms which achieve our clients’ aims.  This can involve tactical use of company law procedures, and Court applications as well as firm negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods where appropriate.  There is no substitute for experience and Pitmans has a very strong reputation in this area based on its success in a large number of cases over recent years. 

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