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Who Do Pitmans' Restructuring and Turnaround Lawyers Work For?

  • Trustees
  • Corporates
  • Pension Protection Fund

Do Pitmans' Restructuring and Turnaround Lawyers Have Any Particular Areas of Expertise?

  • Advising distressed corporates as to options for dealing with a defined benefit pension scheme liability through restructuring, administration, Company Voluntary Arrangements and Regulated Apportionment Arrangements. 
  • Advising corporates as to issues to be considered when negotiating with Trustees/the Pensions Regulator (“tPR”) and the Pension Protection Fund (“PPF”) to achieve PPF entry for a scheme and obtain clearance from tPR.
  • Advising Trustees upon the merits of applications for tPR clearance made by employers and assisting with negotiations. Advising as to eligibility of the scheme for entry into the PPF. Negotiating necessary documentation.
  • Acting for the Pension Protection Fund in documenting arrangements agreed for the consensual entry of a scheme into the PPF.
  • Advising lenders as to the merits of arrangements involving bank debt restructuring.

Why Choose Pitmans' Restructuring and Turnaround Lawyers?

Pitmans has a large, well respected pensions team and a wealth of experience in dealing with corporate restructurings involving pensions schemes. Pitmans’ lawyers also act as Trustee through Pitmans Independent Trustee company, PTL, and therefore have experience of dealing with restructurings both as lawyer and client.

Pitmans’ expertise in this area is complemented by its experience of acting for the Pension Protection Fund and the experience of a secondee who has spent a year working at tPR.

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