Add a restrictive covenant to your employment contracts to protect your business. Our specialist solicitors can help you draft and enforce these agreements.

Who Do Pitmans’ Restrictive Covenants Lawyers Work For?

Pitmans’ Dispute Resolution and Employment departments act for UK and foreign companies on instructions from in-house lawyers, HR directors, finance directors, HR managers and others to protect the business interests of those companies together with their confidential information and intellectual property.

The clients come from a number of sectors – notably technology, defence & security, retail, hospitality, automotive, sport & entertainment and property.

The Employment, Dispute Resolution and Corporate departments draft and/or advise employers in relation to the meaning and enforceability of Restrictive Covenants and the impact of terms relating to confidentiality and intellectual property. They advise on and/or pursue their potential legal remedies and act for them in obtaining or defending applications for injunctions.

The work is for companies in the case of employment contracts or Service Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Asset Sale Agreements and Commercial Agreements.

Pitmans acts for shareholders in relation to the same work relating to Company Articles, Shareholder Agreements and Share Sale Agreements.

Individuals also instruct Pitmans when entering into such agreements.

The Employment and/or the Dispute Resolution departments act for companies, start-ups, individuals and individuals in team moves issuing or responding to letters before action and applications for injunctions or other remedies. 

Do Pitmans’ Restrictive Covenants Lawyers Have Any Particular Areas of Expertise?

Both the Employment and Dispute Resolution departments have expertise in obtaining and defending applications for injunctions gained over many years.

Mark Symons, Richard Devall and Angela Shields of the Employment department have long, specialist experience of drafting Restrictive Covenants, interpreting Restrictive Covenants, advising on their enforceability, writing letters before action to individuals breaching their obligations and to their new employers for inducing breaches of obligation and in pursuing or defending applications for injunctions at an interlocutory or early stage and at trial.

The Dispute Resolution department also has expertise in this pre-action work and pursuing or defending applications for injunctions at an interlocutory or early stage and at trial.

Will Richmond-Coggan is a Solicitor Advocate, which means he is able to quickly and efficiently apply for, or resist, injunctions. He has particular expertise in the area of confidential information and social media.

Susan O’Brien, who is head of the Dispute Resolution department, and Tim Clark also have profound expertise in this area. Susan O’Brien has particularly specialist knowledge in relation to accounts of profits or other remedies going beyond injunctions and damages which may be appropriate where there is no loss or showing loss is very difficult. 

Why Choose Pitmans’ Restrictive Covenants Lawyers?

Pitmans’ success in this area does not rely solely on knowing the law but on our ability to exercise good judgment with that knowledge – as applications for injunctions at an early stage can be unpredictable, but where quickly and successfully made can neutralise a potential new competitor before it has had the chance to establish itself.