Who Do Pitmans’ Probate & Post-Death Tax Planning Lawyers Work For?

There are many expertly drafted Wills set up in earlier times, which are no longer appropriate because of changing family circumstances or Inheritance Tax (IHT) legislation. People often “mean to do something” but never get round to it. 

In other cases people do not realise the implications of owning a house or investments jointly so that they do not pass by Will, but automatically to the survivor. Then the value of assets passing to particular individuals may prove to be inappropriate – too much or too little. This can be particularly tricky where valuable assets are owned as tenants in common by a happy but unmarried couple, and the surviving owner may find they have no right to inherit at all.

Again there are people who have assets in different countries, affected by different tax and succession rules which do not integrate easily, if at all with their English Wills and tax planning.

For these and others, all is not lost as since 1984 it has been possible in some (but not all) cases to effect a “Deed of Variation” within two years of a death to re-arrange a UK estate whether there is a Will or not which has retrospective effect for IHT and Capital Gains Tax.

Do Pitmans’ Probate & Post-Death Tax Planning Lawyers Have Any Particular Areas of Expertise?

Our lawyers have hands-on experience stretching back to the days of Estate Duty in the 1960s and have lived through many changes of legislation since then which have affected the drafting of Wills, and tax planning techniques adopted to protect family assets. And of course half of people who die in the UK are found not to have made Wills at all, so that their estates are subject to the vagaries of the Intestacy Rules.

It is that experience, gained collectively over more than half a century, which is so valuable when recognising and interpreting old forms of Will, Trusts and tax planning schemes. Even more importantly, this leads to our lawyers ability to advise clients on different post-death tax planning options to suit their family circumstances in practical and cost-effective ways.

Our expertise extends beyond English Wills and Intestacy Rules to tax and succession planning which involves Wills and inheritance rules in many different countries, Offshore Trusts, Charitable Trusts, and handling Probate and Trust disputes.

Why Choose Pitmans’ Probate & Post-Death Tax Planning Lawyers?

Pitmans and its predecessor firms have been around in Reading for over 150 years. We became established in London in 2008. Our business has expanded from traditional private clients in the Thames Valley who might have set up trusts to hold farms and other property, into an impressive range of clients, both UK and international, who have a very diverse range of assets to protect. 

In a nutshell, we have a remarkable range of experience at your disposal both in types of clients we have acted for, the variety of family and business succession problems we have seen, and lawyers available to advise you.

If you have a problem ask us about it – we may have a simple answer, or find a way to solve a knotty problem.

We are happy to talk by phone or at an initial meeting, free of charge, to see how we can help. 

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