Who Do Pitmans’ Probate & Estate Administration Lawyers Work For?

When there is a death in the family there are many things to sort out. Despite all the guidance on the Internet, professional help can be a great benefit when it comes to proving a Will, completing an Inheritance Tax (IHT) Return, obtaining Probate, and administering a deceased estate. 

In other cases there may be no valid Will, or Executors have died or become incapable of acting, and people entitled on intestacy may need to seek a Grant of Administration.

There are cases where a formal Grant is not needed as family assets pass by “survivorship” or under a Trust, but an IHT Return may still be needed. Again there may be separate Wills dealing with assets overseas under local inheritance rules which conflict with the English Will or intestacy rules.

Obtaining a Grant typically takes 2-4 months, but fully administering the estate can take another 6-9 months depending on the quantity and types of assets.

Pitmans’ Estate Administration team can assist anyone involved in sorting out a deceased estate, whether needing a little help with the application to the Probate Registry or IHT Return, interpreting a tricky Will, or handling the administration process from start to finish.

Do Pitmans’ Probate & Estate Administration Lawyers Have Any Particular Areas of Expertise?

Our lawyers have hands-on experience stretching back to the 1960s, dealing in a practical and cost-effective way with everything from the simplest Probate applications with minimal assets and no IHT issues, to highly complex estates, with IHT planning advice to suit family and business needs, and the operation of “double tax treaties” with other countries. There may be: 

•    More than one Will and assets in several countries;
•    Problems interpreting badly drafted Wills;
•    Problems tracing and valuing assets;
•    Insolvent estates;
•    Claims from dependants who have been overlooked, or deliberately disinherited;
•    Problems tracing beneficiaries, and disputes amongst them. 

On the tax side special expertise is needed when valuing business or agricultural property, heritage or insurance assets, intellectual property, or evaluating family trusts. When it comes to administering an estate, IHT planning can become an important factor with Deeds of Variation to be considered, or powers of appointment to be exercised under the Will. A separate page on Probate & Post-Death Tax Planning explains more.

Where disputes arise we have specialist colleagues to refer to with experience up to Court of Appeal level if they cannot be resolved amicably. Read our page Trust & Probate Disputes to find out more.

Why Choose Pitmans’ Probate & Estate Administration Lawyers?

Pitmans and its predecessor firms have been around in Reading for over 150 years. We became established in London in 2008. Our business has expanded from traditional private clients in the Thames Valley with their own home, but not much in the way of savings and investments, or perhaps a small family farm or business, into an impressive range of clients, both UK and international, who have a very diverse range of assets. 

In a nutshell, we have a remarkable range of experience at your disposal both in types of assets and estates we have administered, whether just in the UK or with international elements, and lawyers available to advise you.

We are happy to talk by phone or at an initial meeting, free of charge, to see how we can help. 

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