Protect family assets and take advantage of tax exemptions with a lifetime trust. Our tax lawyers can help you plan for the future.

Who Do Pitmans' Lifetime Trusts, Tax & Succession Planning Lawyers Work For?

Trusts have been developed over hundreds of years as a means of protecting family assets, restricting ownership and controlling rights of succession to them. Apart from “widows and orphans”, Trusts may protect assets for the disabled, or those at risk of divorce or bankruptcy. Over the past century or so they have been used increasingly for mitigating taxes, particularly death duties.

Nowadays we advise people contemplating lifetime gifts, usually to children or grandchildren, who wish to take advantage of Inheritance Tax exemptions, or to protect people with special needs, or important assets such as shares in the family business or farm, or heritage property.

People who are members of an employer’s “death in service” scheme, or with personal pensions such as SIPPs, often set up Trusts  to receive the proceeds in a tax-efficient way in case of unexpected early death.

Whether you need a simple Trust to hold £3000 as a nest-egg for a grandchild, to provide for a dependant relative, or want to protect shares in a family business worth £millions, we can help.

Do Pitmans' Lifetime Trusts, Tax & Succession Planning Lawyers Have Any Partciular Areas of Expertise?

The Trustee Act 1925 created stability in Trust law which endured until modernised by the Trustee Act 2000. However, trust practice has developed rapidly since the 1970s when tax planning took off on the back of very high personal tax rates.

Since 2005 a spate of legislation has woven a web of technical tax rules around Trusts, to curtail “abusive” tax planning, but Trusts continue to meet many traditional family needs for protection, quite apart from tax and succession planning.

Our lawyers have experience stretching back to the days of Estate Duty in the 1960s and have lived through many changes of legislation since then which have affected the use of Trusts. They are familiar with many Trust based arrangements set up by families in earlier times, with particular expertise in insurance based plans, and business protection.

But though the law may change every year, human needs do not and our experience of many types of family and business problems is as important to our clients as our technical expertise, and quality of service.

You can find links to the profiles of our specialists below. Other pages explain our expertise in Charitable Trusts, Offshore Trusts, and handling Trust disputes.

Why Choose Pitmans' Lifetime Trusts, Tax & Succession Planning Lawyers?

Pitmans and its predecessor firms have been around in Reading for over 150 years]. We became established in London in 2008. Our business has expanded from traditional private clients in the Thames Valley who might have set up trusts to hold farms and other property, into an impressive range of clients, both UK and international, who have a very diverse range of assets to protect.

In a nutshell, we have a remarkable range of experience at your disposal both in types of clients we have acted for, the variety of family and business succession problems we have seen, and lawyers available to advise you.

We are happy to talk by phone, or at an initial meeting, free of charge to see how we can help. 

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