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Who Do Pitmans’ Business Immigration Lawyers Work For?

Our specialist business immigration team offers companies clear and practical immigration solutions. Our team provide a pro-active, client focused approach to business immigration law. We tailor our approach to best suit your needs – supporting your business to attain the required work authorisation, saving you time, money and ensuring a smooth transition when engaging overseas talent.

Pitmans’ business immigration team advises a broad spectrum of companies, from start-ups through to multi-nationals.

Do Pitmans’ Business Immigration Lawyers Have any Particular Areas of Expertise?


  • Advise and support you as you embark upon the UK Border Agency process of becoming a licensed sponsor
  • Help your employees secure the necessary clearance visa for entry into the UK
  • Provide guidance on the use of the Sponsor Management System and the allocation of Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Assist you in ensuring that you continue to comply with your on-going licensed sponsor duties

We will:

  • Ensure that employees are in the right immigration category at the right time
  • Help with “switching” immigration status
  • Provide employees with guidance on extension, settlement and British citizenship applications

For businesses that wish to transfer an employee from an overseas branch to your UK office, we can:

  • Help you demonstrate to the UK Border Agency that there is a link of common-ownership between the foreign and domestic business entities
  • Provide guidance on how the employee can accrue the necessary score under the points-based system

For businesses that would like to employ a skilled worker to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker, we can:

  • Provide you with guidance on whether a residential labour market test is required and how such a test should be undertaken
  • Advise whether the employee scores the required points for their Attributes, English Language skills and Maintenance

Why Choose Pitmans’ Business Immigration Lawyers?

We take a holistic approach to provide practical support to businesses in obtaining a sponsor licence including, role allocation, review of supporting document packages, document procurement, translation and certification

We provide compliance advice including on site audits to make sure that your on-going sponsor duties are being met and/or advise on ways in which your reporting and immigration program can be streamlined

We take control of your immigration program and send you calendar reminders on critical dates including employee visa renewals, leaving you free to concentrate on your business

We provide training covering all aspects of business immigration law to you and your employees either at our offices or on site.

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