Employees, workers and the self-employed have different rights and responsibilities. Get advice from our expert solicitors.

Who Do Pitmans’ Employment Lawyers Work For?

Pitmans LLP act for a wide range of companies from large corporates, professional firms or LLPs, SMEs and start-ups from abroad and the UK. Instructions come from in-house lawyers, HR directors, HR managers, managers and Finance Directors.

We act for businesses across a number of sectors especially Technology, Sports, Media and Entertainment and Defence and Security. 

Start-ups often seek to take on individuals as self-employed consultants either directly or via the consultant’s personal service company so as to avoid the costs, risks and commitments of having employees.

We act for employment agencies and employment businesses in connection with their contracts.

Pitmans also advises those dealing with pensions within employers in relation to whether an individual is an employee or worker and therefore entitled to have contributions made or self-employed so not having that entitlement.

Pitmans also work for consultants and their personal service companies, especially highly paid ones, in assisting them to avoid being caught by IR35. 

Pitmans advises companies, firms, LLPs and individuals in relation to whether an individual is employed, a worker or self-employed from a HMRC, Employment Tribunal or other perspective and what the implications are in terms of the rights of those individuals. 

Do Pitmans’ Employment Lawyers Have any Particular Areas of Expertise?

Over many years Pitmans has acted for companies, firms and individuals in drafting and reviewing consultancy agreements or other agreements. In particular when acting for a company or firm we are at avoiding, where possible, an individual being an employee or worker from either an employment law or tax perspective. 

Where acting for an individual the firm has expertise in issues which may attract IR35 and liaises with specialist accountants on that tax issue where necessary.

The Employment Department has particular expertise in whether a member of an LLP is an employee and/or worker or self-employed.

The firm undertakes litigation in the Employment Tribunals, High Court and higher Tribunals and Courts in relation to these issues. 

In particular the firm has expertise in drafting member agreements for LLPs and has successfully shown in an employment tribunal that a member was an employee and worker of a Law firm LLP.

Why Choose Pitmans’ Employment Lawyers?

Pitmans, especially the Company Commercial and Employment Departments, can advise, quickly and efficiently on these issues, draft using their precedents but adapt them to the facts of the case. We can resolve or successfully conclude disputes in relation to the status of an individual.

Pitmans is able to advise quickly and expertly on the rights of employees, workers and the self-employed.

For Start-ups the firm can quote competitively for work and the Start-up has the assurance of advice from a leading commercial firm which can service its legal needs for many years.

The Employment Department deal with litigation in the Employment Tribunal, High Court and higher Tribunals and Courts. It has expertise in advising if the auto-enrolment provisions apply to an individual liaising with the Pensions Department who are experts on auto-enrolment.

The Dispute Resolution Department undertake work in this area in the High Court and higher Courts.