Pitman's top class lawyers understand the importance of a domain name to your business. We can help prevent the cybersquatters damaging your reputation.

Who do Pitmans’ Cybersquatting and Domain Name Dispute lawyers work for?

The commercial sensitivities around protecting IP, reputation and goodwill in the online world differ with the size of a business and the scope of its operation. We are experienced in providing concise advice which is proportionate to our clients’ needs, budget and anticipated threat.

We advise individuals, talent, SMEs and global brands in this field. The team has specific sector expertise, with a proven track record in advising clients in the Media and Entertainment, Sport, Retail, Fashion, Hospitality, Technology, Defence and Security, Automotive and Real Estate sectors.

We have an expert, cross-practice cybersquatting, typo-squatting and domain name disputes team, with industry specialists in intellectual property, technology, media & entertainment, dispute resolution and regulatory law. 

Do Pitmans’ lawyers Cybersquatting and Domain Name Dispute lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

Examples of our services include:

  • Conducting searches of registered and unregistered trademarks prior to registration of domain names;
  • Devising strategies for registration according to business interest and territory;
  • Registering domain names as trade marks to strengthen clients’ rights;
  • Managing clients’ domain name portfolios including renewals;
  • Reporting on new top level domains to help keep portfolios up to date;
  • Actively monitoring registration of new domain names to spot infringements;
  • Dispute resolution services where an infringement cannot be avoided, including cease and desist actions, negotiations, and filing complaints to relevant national and international bodies.

Like many online activities, cybersquatting is often a fast-moving game of cat-and-mouse, with the rules of the game in continual evolution. We have the expertise and bandwidth to keep abreast of the changing domestic and international laws regulating this world.

Why choose Pitmans’ Cybersquatting and Domain Name Dispute lawyers?

Pitmans can help you secure and protect your domain names as one of your most valuable asset. Should a dispute arise, Pitmans can assist in the swift and satisfactory resolution of that dispute.

We have an expert team with in-house experience that understands the sensitivities and complexities of intellectual property law, including the key issues of cybersquatting and domain name disputes. We provide commercial and practical solutions as well as advise on best practice.

Our cross-practice Cybersquatting and Domain Name Disputes service enables you to benefit from Pitmans’ sector expertise in Technology, Defence and Security and Media & Entertainment as well as from established relationships with external stakeholders engaged in the management of cyber risks.