Protect your data and reputation with our cyber risk management services. Organisations big and small can benefit from our expert advice.

Who do Pitmans' Cyber Risk Management lawyers work for?

As organisations become ever-more reliant on cyberspace to transact, store and/or disseminate confidential and proprietary information, they are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. A breach in a business’s security can expose it to fraud, data loss, intellectual property theft, brand damage, regulatory sanctions and third party liability. Cyber risk management has therefore been recognised for a number of years now as essential to business security.

We work for a wide range of clients from all sectors – anyone who uses data as part of their business- including:

  • Branding, marketing and communications agencies;
  • Charities and trusts;
  • Defence & security companies;
  • Private individuals – celebrities, sports stars, high achievers;
  • Manufacturers;
  • Media & entertainment companies;
  • Membership bodies & associations;
  • Private investors;
  • Property, construction & engineering companies;
  • Research & development organisations;
  • Retailers;
  • Sports bodies, clubs and associations;
  • Technology suppliers and customers;
  • Insurance, assurance and brokers.

Do Pitmans’ Cyber Risk Management lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

One of the key challenges is the management of security risks to data or infrastructure which is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Our team’s mission is to identify threats, manage risk, plan for incidents and achieve both productive security and compliance.

Examples of our services include:

  • Intellectual cross-border data flows;
  • Advice on data security, data protection and asset protection;
  • Cyber asset protection audit service;
  • Regulatory analysis of current and proposed use of data assets;
  • Employee monitoring and recruitment;
  • Employee data protection policies;
  • Advice on social media policies for employers;
  • Advising on maximising the use of and value of IP assets;
  • Data incident management and reputation management;
  • Risk management advice on data sharing and data retention;
  • Database management, outsourcing and eCRM;
  • Working with specialist insurers to identify appropriate cyber asset protection insurance; and
  • Working alongside established IT security, penetration and vulnerability consultants and PR agencies to provide complete solutions to clients

Why choose Pitmans’ Cyber Risk Management lawyers?

Cyber security is a fast-moving area of law and we occupy a unique position at the forefront of this issue. We have a specialist cross-practice cyber risk management team with industry specialists in technology law, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, social media, regulatory law and employment. We also have a well-established defamation practice, which works in concert with all other departments, and can manage any reputational fall-out from a cyber-attack. Our cyber risk management service enables you to benefit from Pitmans’ sector expertise in Technology, Defence and Security and Media & Entertainment as well as from established relationships with external stakeholders engaged in the management of cyber risks.

We also host an annual Cyber Security Conference, now in its third year, involving a number of thought-leaders in the area, an invaluable forum which ensures that we, our partners and clients are fully up to speed with the most recent cyber security laws, regulations and developments.

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