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Who do Pitmans’ Cross-Border Tax & Succession Planning lawyers work for?

The British have been working, buying homes, and investing abroad for centuries. Equally, the UK is home for people of many nationalities who retain property in their countries of origin, referred to here as “non-doms”, who put down roots and accumulate assets in the UK. Migration also results in marriage or partnerships, divorce and adoption of children, between people of different nationalities.

All these factors give rise to conflicts of laws on rights of inheritance, and the impact of taxes – particularly on death.

Pitmans’ Cross- Border Succession Planning Service is for people of any nationality who live, or own assets, in the UK and wish to ensure that their chosen heirs inherit family assets, whether in the UK or abroad, with a minimum of complications, and as little tax as possible.

Private International Law tries to resolve conflicts between the inheritance rules of different countries. Furthermore, “double tax treaties” between individual countries attempt to avoid the same assets being taxed twice on the same event such as death, and determine which country has the main right to collect taxes.

Whatever your nationality, UK or non-dom, if you live or own property in the UK, and other countries, you need advice!

Do Pitmans’ Cross-Border Tax & Succession Planning lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

Countries have been trying to resolve conflicts of private international law since the Hague Conference of 1893. Hague Conventions have been agreed on laws relating to Nationality & Domicile (1955), Wills (1961), Adoptions (1965), Divorces (1970), Administration of Estates (1973), Trusts (1985), Succession to Estates (1989). Separately, the European Union “harmonises” laws amongst its members by “Brussels” Regulations.

Applying Conventions and Regulations is another story. This is where our expertise is needed, when identifying the best ways to hold assets – in your own name, a Trust or company; or making Wills; or if after a death, families need to gain control of assets in different countries.

In recent years Pitmans’ lawyers have acted in cases relating to over 50 countries. We are not experts on their laws, but the principles of Wills, Trusts, or Powers of Attorney operating across international borders, securing inheritances in different countries, minimising UK Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) or unravelling the latest tax residence rules, are much the same whatever the country involved.

You will find links to the profiles of our specialists below. Their experience is at your disposal – an initial enquiry is free of charge.

Why choose Pitmans’ Cross-Border Tax & Succession Planning lawyers?

Pitmans and its predecessor firms have been based in Reading for over 150 years. We became established in London in 2008.

We are also part of an international network of law firms with members in 14 countries, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East giving us access to expert legal services and contacts in other parts of the globe.

Our business has expanded from traditional private clients in the Thames Valley who might have set up trusts to hold farms and other property, into an impressive range of clients, both UK and international, who have a very diverse range of assets to protect.

In a nutshell, we have a remarkable range of experience at your disposal both in types of clients we have acted for, the family and business succession problems they face, and lawyers available to advise you.