If you're facing any kind of criminal charge, you should seek legal advice right away. Our experienced solicitors are just a phone call away.

Who do Pitmans Criminal Litigation lawyers work for?

At Pitmans our lawyers act for individuals facing all forms of criminal charges, both serious (such as offences against the person) and more minor (such as driving offences). As Pitmans is one of the South’s leading corporate law firms, offering comprehensive corporate services across a wide range of sectors, our Criminal Litigation lawyers also act for corporate clients, company directors and private individuals, and we have a broad range of experience in technical and complex matters where, for example, clients are faced with criminal freezing orders and search and seizure orders. To date, we have an unbeaten record in contested cases.

Do Pitmans Criminal Litigation lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

The Pitmans Criminal Litigation team specialises in areas such as Pensions Liberation, Fraud, Driving Related Offences and Offences Against the Person. We are committed to and have experience in acting for clients who are confronted with extremely difficult and challenging personal circumstances. When representing clients in high profile cases, we endeavour to ensure that their names are kept out of the media. In the event that media attention is unavoidable, we work hard to ensure any coverage remains as benign as possible.

Why choose Pitmans Criminal Litigation lawyers?

Pitmans is dedicated to providing a personal, professional service. When time is of the essence, we have the resources to provide immediate and urgent help. We have excellent working relationships with leading criminal barristers, forensic accountants and scientists.

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