Embarking on a construction, engineering or building project requires up to date, expert legal support that you know that you can rely on to ensure that the venture is successfully completed on time and within budget. Whatever project you undertake in the UK or abroad we have the experience to guide it from inception to completion, avoiding the pitfalls along the way. The specialist construction lawyers at Pitmans dedicate their time to ensure that you succeed.

Why choose Pitmans’ Construction lawyers?

We often see clients face challenges over funding, bonds and security, insurance and risk of insolvency. In collaboration with our wider range of expert lawyers Pitmans can give you the practical assistance you need to identify funding, to give or obtain the right security, to get the best insurance for you or to deal with recovery from insolvency. 

Who do Pitmans’ Construction lawyers work for?

Pitmans act for people like you; developers; owners; major contractors; sub-contractors; developers; house builders; landlords; financial institutions; local authorities; insurers, the list goes on but they all have in common a close involvement in construction and a strong drive to succeed.

Do Pitmans’ Construction lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

We provide project support, contract documentation and dispute resolution guidance across the full range of UK and international construction sectors including housing, commercial property and retail, education and healthcare, hotels, sports and leisure and marine engineering, docks and harbours, rail, metro and airports, bridges and roads, tunnels and infrastructure. We also work in the energy sectors in alternative energy and renewables, utilities such as water, waste water and waste management and power.

Clear, concise and watertight contracts are essential for every construction project. At Pitmans we produce documents that clearly allocate risks and responsibilities and deal with the unique challenges that each project holds in a practical and effective way. We are fortunate in being able to draw on our long experience of disputes and dispute avoidance in dealing with the full range of procurement documentation from drafting correspondence to negotiating agreements which means that we save you time and money and shrink your project risks.

We have experience far beyond our bases in Reading, Southampton and London. Increasingly we are invited to help clients in the European Union. We also have extensive experience across the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. We have worked on significant projects in North America, Venezuela, West Africa, Libya, Egypt and the Far East including Hong Kong and Singapore as well as Australia.  

Disputes happen even on the most carefully planned and best run projects. Our reputation comes from using our industry expertise and early involvement to avoid a dispute running out of control by resolving disputes early and without the need to start formal proceedings. We use our dispute resolution experience to achieve the best possible results for our clients, whatever the size or nature of the dispute.

We are firm advocates of alternative dispute resolution in the construction industry. Our specialist construction lawyers are also dedicated to international arbitration dealing with major construction projects and are familiar with the rules and practice of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and the London Court of International Arbitration. Our partners have conducted significant and complex claims and defences in the Technology and Construction Court and in adjudication.