Competition advice on everything from corporate transactions to training staff. Our team has the experience you need to make the right business decisions.

Who do Pitmans’ Competition lawyers work for?

We act for a range of corporate clients, owner-managers, directors and individuals on their involvement in business matters that raise competition law problems. Their need for advice in this area stems from a whole range of situations, from the desire for enforceable non-competes in the purchase agreement on the acquisition of a company, through ensuring that their workforce is properly trained to react appropriately to anti-competitive activity from another business in the market, to the drafting of compliant commercial contracts where the business has a legitimate reason for imposing restrictions on the distributors of their goods.

Do Pitmans’ Competition lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

We approach the issues raised by competition and EU law in a way that allows you to understand them, and factor them properly into your business dealings. We will advise on non-compete arrangements in corporate transaction documents, commercial contract competition law issues and any other ways in which competition law impacts on the operation of your business, including assisting in designing compliance manuals for staff and delivering staff training to ensure that the business is seen to be protecting itself from the inappropriate actions of employees in the competition law context.

Why choose Pitmans’ Competition lawyers?

We are experienced in guiding clients through the maze of UK and EU competition law issues as it affects their business and transaction work, including in the context of non-compete arrangements, restrictions in commercial contracts with suppliers and customers, and avoiding anti-competitive behaviours within the business. Our team brings knowledge and experience of its own, as well as connections with specialist competition law counsel where the issue requires further input.

We bring a combination of forensic legal skills together with an appreciation of the importance of understanding how the competition law issues fit within your business, and pride ourselves on offering outstanding client service throughout.