Advice and support for company secretaries. We can help you meet your legal obligations - find out more here.

Who do Pitmans’ Company Secretarial lawyers work for?

Our Company Secretarial department works with directors and in-house company secretarial teams from a variety of corporate clients and charities, both domestic and international, in order to provide a comprehensive company secretarial service that is tailored to suit their unique requirements.

Do Pitmans' Company Secretarial lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

We provide advice and assistance to new and existing companies, which enables them to comply with their administrative obligations under current law. Our services include:

  • Providing company formation services, on a same-day basis if required, and UK branch establishment registrations
  • Company secretarial compliance work and registered office services
  • Advice on constitutional matters such as board and shareholder meetings
  • Assistance with preparing and filing statutory documents with Companies House
  • Audit and correction of statutory records
  • Review of and changes to articles of association
  • Ad hoc advice on company law
  • Striking-off

Why choose Pitmans’ Company Secretarial lawyers?

At Pitmans our focus is on understanding the needs of our clients and their businesses. Our wealth of experience means that we can assist our clients in complying with the necessary processes and requirements imposed by company law, without fuss or disruption and in a cost effective manner, allowing the client to focus on the operation of their business.