If there's a dispute within your company, you want it resolved as quickly as possible. We can help with negotiation, dispute resolution or litigation.

Who do Pitmans’ Boardroom and Shareholder Dispute lawyers work for?

Pitmans acts for shareholders, directors and companies from the UK and abroad in relation to boardroom and shareholder disputes in numerous sectors. In particular our Dispute Resolution, Company Commercial, Insolvency & Restructuring and Employment departments undertake work for these types of clients, often working together as a team.

With regard to disputes between shareholders, Pitmans acts for majority and minority shareholders in pursuing or resisting claims under the articles of the company, shareholder agreements and unfair prejudice actions by way of negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution or in the Chancery Division of the High Court.

Pitmans acts in pursuing actions against directors either on behalf of companies or administrators, liquidators or other insolvency practitioners. Our Insolvency & Restructuring department has particular expertise in this area.

The firm also acts for directors against whom actions are being taken by the company or an insolvency practitioner, including wrongful trading and preferences.

The firm advises in respect of the removal of directors under the articles, shareholder agreements or the Companies Act and any related employment issues such as the termination of their Service Agreements and Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements) or Severance Agreements.

Pitmans represent directors in respect of claims by companies and insolvency practitioners. 

Do Pitmans’ Boardroom and Shareholder Dispute lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

Tim Clark has long, specialist expertise in boardroom and shareholder disputes and their resolution by a speedy, commercial and pragmatic assessment followed by negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and/or litigation. He works with colleagues from the Company Commercial and Employment departments where relevant. He also knows, and works closely with, good accountants who can advise on share valuation issues.

Suzanne Brooker has particular expertise in relation to acting for insolvency practitioners in boardroom and shareholder disputes in the context of insolvency or restructuring. She also acts for directors.

Tim Clark (Dispute Resolution), Philip Weaver (Corporate) and Mark Symons (Employment) often act for companies seeking to remove a director from his office, recover his shareholding and also terminate his employment. They have particular expertise in the various options and the pitfalls including issues related to the power to suspend a director and practical ways of proceeding, such as establishing a committee of the Board.

Pitmans also has expertise in acting for directors resisting removal, seeking to hold on to or maximise their share value and negating a Severance Agreement or Settlement Agreement on exit.

Pitmans has expertise in the drafting of Settlement Agreements to compromise all issues. 

Why choose Pitmans’ Boardroom and Shareholder Dispute lawyers?

Pitmans specialises in this type of work and has many years experience of it across various relevant areas of commercial law and practice. In this sector the amounts at stake are often substantial so it is vital for clients to have the right lawyer acting for them. A good assessment can be made of cases at an early stage in order to get the best commercial outcome as quickly and as efficiently as possible. A team can be put together quickly to get the best result.

These types of disputes are notoriously expensive, especially unfair prejudice actions, so if you instruct someone who is not expert in this area, costs are likely to be much greater. With our expertise, pragmatism and commercial approach, Pitmans can give reliable advice on likely costs and seek to control and mitigate these costs as much as possible.