Are you experiencing financial difficulties and need expert advice on bankruptcy or individual voluntary arrangements? Contact our team today.

Who do Pitmans' Bankruptcy & Individual Voluntary Arrangement lawyers work for?

Pitmans acts for individuals dealing with financial issues which may have been caused by job loss, a downturn in their business, matrimonial issues or any number of other causes.  In this economic climate bankruptcy is not unusual, though those dealing with it may be daunted by the prospect of bankruptcy and in need of professional assistance. They may also need advice in relation to claims brought by their Trustee in bankruptcy, against them and their families or other third parties.

Pitmans acts on behalf of parties to disputes which may have been brought to the fore by the service of a Statutory Demand or Bankruptcy Petition.  It may be necessary for us to defend the Petition or apply to set aside the Statutory Demand.

Pitmans acts on behalf of Trustees in Bankruptcy appointed to find and sell an individual’s assets for the benefit of creditors.  Often this involves obtaining possession orders and orders for sale of properties, actions to recover assets dissipated by the individual prior to bankruptcy and investigations into lost assets.

Pitmans can advise both individuals and insolvency practitioners upon the procedure and effect of Individual voluntary arrangements and advise on issues that arise before and after the arrangement is accepted. 

Do Pitmans' Bankruptcy & Individual Voluntary Arrangement lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

Pitmans has a wealth of experience in acting for people with financial problems, those who are already bankrupt and Trustees in Bankruptcy in relation to all issues that may arise out of an individual’s insolvency.

Why choose Pitmans' Bankruptcy & Individual Voluntary Arrangement lawyers?

Pitmans boasts a large insolvency department across two locations (London and Thames Valley) with a variety of expertise and niche skills and many years' experience in this area.  Our insolvency team are both litigators and able to deal with non-contentious issues and provide advice on any issue that arises out of an individual’s insolvency.

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