If you work in the defence or security industry, legal advice is essential. Contact our lawyers for guidance on contracts, strategy and reputation.

Who do Pitmans’ Defence and Security lawyers work for?

We provide advice across the broad spectrum of defence and security operations. This includes advising on major commercial contracts; working on M&A transactions; and providing strategic advice to companies involved in trading in overtly hostile environments to help ensure they do so ethically and meet the challenge of protecting their people, assets and reputation. We also help with the successful resolution of commercial disputes.

We act for clients in the land and maritime defence environments; specialist risk consultancies and technology and ICT clients in the defence and security sector. We also act for companies and individuals specialising across a range of other security activities. 

Do Pitmans’ Defence and Security lawyers have any particular areas of expertise?

We start from a position of real understanding of the sector in all its aspects. We have access to a wide network of international offices and other professionals who operate in the defence and security sector and members of our team have experience in the counter terrorism environment. We maintain an active understanding of our clients’ needs as participating members of trade bodies, including A|D|S.  We are consistently engaged in broadening and deepening our expertise and market involvement, in the interests of continually improved levels of service.

Why choose Pitmans’ Defence and Security lawyers?

Our enthusiastic and committed team can provide excellent advice to companies in the defence and security sector across the range of our legal services in a way that few firms in our region can genuinely offer.  

“Defence and security” is an umbrella phrase used to describe a spectrum of businesses and activities in this area.  Security in the widest sense – from managing strategic and operational risk internationally, through to cyber security and security of the UK critical national infrastructure – is an integral part of the defence market with critical application to the whole business community. Businesses operating in defence and security face special challenges, particularly from a legal angle. At Pitmans, our lawyers understand this context. 

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