27th October 2014

Flood Re – New Government Proposals

Flooding is an increasingly serious risk for many properties for a variety of reasons including climate change, inadequate flood defences and the development of floodplains, making it progressively difficult for insurers to provide affordable flood insurance to those at greatest risk. As a result, the government, in conjunction with The Association of British Insurers, is seeking to address the problem by establishing a not-for-profit flood fund to ensure that flood insurance remains available and affordable for those homeowners considered by the Environment Agency to be at high risk of flooding.

14th October 2014

Super Charged and Super Lean – The new models for start-ups in the technology sector and beyond

The Inaugural Alumni Business Breakfast took place on 10 September. It explored the concepts of ‘Lean Thinking’, and how it can be utilised to make businesses highly responsive to the ongoing challenges faced by all organisations, both large and small. Focusing particularly on the themes of technology and entrepreneurship, a number of key issues around Lean Thinking were discussed.

13th October 2014

Big data - the latest results are in

Recent big data reports highlight its importance to businesses. Your company should explore whether it is making the most of the revenue streams that big data may make available to it.

9th October 2014

Osborne Pledges to cut Inheritance Tax on Pensions

This week the Chancellor George Osborne pledged new retirement freedoms which scrap the punitive 55% tax rate on inherited pension funds. The proposed measure will apply to those inheriting cash held in a pension fund from April 2015. The policy is expected to benefit hundreds of thousands of families across the UK at a cost of £150 million each year.