9th September 2014

The Abolition of Contracting Out

Following the government’s announcement that contracting out of Defined Benefit schemes will be abolished as of April 2016, not only will both employees and employers be liable for increased National Insurance rates, but there could be further, financial implications for the members, too.

5th September 2014

Acquiring Property – Things to Consider

The acquisition of property or a business with an interest in property can be a complicated and daunting prospect. Extensive research and planning should be undertaken prior to purchase to ensure that the transaction proceeds to a swift and successful completion. Whilst it is not possible to provide a concise and comprehensive list of all the related considerations and pitfalls in such a short time, here are some useful things to consider prior to proceeding with a land acquisition.

5th September 2014

Zero-hours contracts – should they be used?

An estimated one third of hospitality businesses use zero-hours contracts. Business Secretary, Vince Cable recently announced a reform of such contracts. This article examines the upcoming change in the law and explains the rights of workers on zero-hours contracts. A zero-hours contract is an arrangement where there is no certainty work will be made available to the worker. Sometimes workers must be available when told, other contracts permit workers to reject work requests. Some prohibit the worker from working for more than one employer.

5th August 2014

Lifting the Cloud on SLAs

How does your cloud service provider’s service level agreement (SLA) stack up against the new EC guidelines?