27th July 2016

Mr Roy Warner v (1) B & M Europe Ltd (2) European Patent Office

UKEAT/0081/15/RN UKEAT/0139/16/RN In June 2016 Pitmans acted for B & M Europe Limited (“B & M”), a recruitment agency, in a complex claim of direct race discrimination made by an IT Consultant. The Claimant’s work at the EPO was terminated, and it was alleged that the reason for this was his race.

12th July 2016

Pitmans launches apprenticeship programme for aspiring lawyers

Pitmans has launched a paid apprenticeship programme in partnership with the award winning legal apprenticeship specialists Damar Training. The scheme will create an opportunity for three young people interested in the legal sector to combine their studies with gaining valuable experience working for a law firm.

Posted by Pitmans on 12th July 2016 in Firm News

11th July 2016

LEAVING THE EU – What now for UK Employment Laws?

Numerous UK employment laws are linked to the EU for example, working time, discrimination rights, TUPE and agency workers rights. A UK government outside of the EU could re-write these laws. To do so though would require a political mandate. Would such a mandate be given or even sought?

9th July 2016

Energy efficiency for business premises

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) may not be something you have given much thought to as a tenant since they will essentially be a landlord’s problem. But if you occupy premises as a tenant, then there could be an impact on your organisation’s current lease or on any new lease you enter into if MEES are not met. Also, if you underlet then you would be a landlord in those circumstances in any event and so bound by the regulations.