5th August 2015

New Financial Obligations for Insolvency Practitioners

In recent times, the legal profession has undergone widespread changes at the bequest of previous governments. The most draconian measures have been in relation to the expense of professional services. These include a budgeting and costs management process which is the subject of judicial approval. In essence, service provider’s fees and expenses are estimated and capped in advance of them being incurred.

3rd August 2015

“PILON Pickles”

Payments in lieu of notice (“PILON") can solve some problems but in this note I look at some of the pickles that can arise in respect of PILONs especially where the clause has not been amended properly since judgment was given by the Supreme Court in the Geys case in December 2012.

30th July 2015

No free will, when it comes to wills?

The Court of Appeal has handed down the latest decision in a long-running probate dispute which has implications for anyone making a will, or disappointed by the terms of a will made by their parents. The case was Ilott v Mitson, which we previously wrote about as long ago as 2011, after the first time that it came before the Court of Appeal.

17th July 2015

The Emperor’s new wearables

Once there lived a foolish emperor who was incredibly powerful and fabulously wealthy. Like many fabulously wealthy people, he was also an early adopter of new technology. He had a phone that monitored his heart rate; an RFID medallion that opened his doors automatically when he came near; glasses that enabled him to view emails without looking at a screen; and a smartwatch that… well, no one was quite sure what that was for, but it looked really cool.

14th July 2015

Legal Briefing: Defamation (Operators of Websites) Regulations 2013

The Defamation Act 2013, and the accompanying Defamation (Operators of Websites) Regulations 2013, have both now been in force for around eighteen months. Yet the operation and effect of the regulations still seem to be imperfectly understood, causing considerable confusion for complainants in relation to website postings, and exposing website operators to the serious consequences of failure to comply with the regulations' provisions.

24th June 2015

Lord Digby Jones to present Solent Business Awards

Lord Digby Jones, former director general of the CBI and Minister of State for Trade and Investment, will be guest of honour and keynote speaker at this year’s inaugural Solent Business Awards.

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17th June 2015

Pensions Newsletter - June 2015

The new pensions flexibilities offer freedom and choice to members of both DB and DC schemes. Trustees should continue to review their schemes and consider how members may wish to take advantage of the freedoms.