30th May 2014

The Persistence of Internet Memory - UPDATED

UPDATED: Long ago, back in the last century (in 1999, to be precise) I wrote and directed a play. I was in my last year at University and probably should have been concentrating on my law finals, but I did it anyway. Long after its trivial charms have faded from everyone else’s memory, and after the original student newspaper clipping has been buried in a box of archived papers during three or four subsequent house moves, I quite like the fact that if I type my name and the play’s title into a search engine, the review in our student newspaper is still accessible at a moment’s notice.

14th May 2014

Wake up to Minibonds

The need for alternative sources of finance over the last couple of years has led to a growth in crowdfunding and peer–to–peer lending platforms. Another source of alternative financing is where companies raise money from the public ( mainly their customers and contacts ) through retail or mini bonds.