27th April 2017

You’re Knot going to believe it…

Japanese Knotweed (JKW) is a destructive and invasive fast growing plant which spreads rapidly through its roots. Having JKW growing near your property can cause problems when you want to sell and many lenders will not lend against an affected property.

21st April 2017

Roundtable: what makes companies successful?

Angela Shields, Pitmans Law employment partner, took part in a roundtable debate hosted by The Business Magazine which considered the current uncertain landscape and what this means for businesses – a chance for new opportunities or further challenges?

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20th April 2017

Ageism on judges’ pension scheme

In a decision affecting more than 200 judges, the Employment Tribunal (ET) held that members of the judicial pension scheme (JPS) had been unlawfully discriminated against on grounds of age.