Pitmans Kickstart

Welcome to Pitmans Kickstart - a service providing everything you need to set up a new business. We understand the challenges, processes and concerns new businesses face, and we are here to help with access to a wide range of advisory and business services, all in one place.

From building the foundations to launching your start-up, our advisors offer mentoring along the way. You will be able to focus on the day-to-day demands of running a new business whilst we ensure your business is legally compliant.

Whether a seasoned entrepreneur or starting a new business for the first time, Kickstart offers a tailored approach, including:

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Tailored Legal Advice
We can provide bespoke advice using a range of business start-up documentation checklists, and best practice at each stage of the business start-up process
A Networking Hub
We provide opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, business advisors, drop in clinics and introductions to valuable suppliers and potential clients
A Pitmans Relationship Partner
A dedicated Pitmans Relationship Partner will help you from the initial start-up phase all the way through to the realisation of your future ambitions for the business

We understand the challenges, decisions and concerns you may be facing at the start of your venture. Our aim is to help you set the right foundations from the outset, whilst providing peace of mind to focus on the day-to-day demands of running a new business.

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What are the benefits of using Kickstart? >>

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How do I use Kickstart to set up a new business?

Business start-ups face similar questions and challenges. If left ignored, bad judgement or poor decision-making can impact on your business and your initial investment of time and money. Kickstart helps business owners to consider each aspect of setting up a business, in a logical and pragmatic way, so that not only will your business be legally compliant, but you will have laid the foundations for a well-managed and successful business.

What are the benefits of using Kickstart?

Kickstart provides a ‘one stop shop’ for everything you need to set up a business, including lots of practical advice and guidance.

Cost effective legal advice through tailored templates
A long-term relationship with a dedicated Relationship Partner who will get to know you and your business
Fixed costs, which provide you with certainty over legal fees
Access to useful templates, checklists and best practice documents
Networking opportunities within the local business community, often a useful resource for supplier and customer contacts
Legal clinics to share and discuss the details of your business venture and to take on advice on the next steps
Legal advisory service via telephone and on documents from your dedicated Kickstart Team

What does the Kickstart service cost?

Pitmans has a history of helping entrepreneurial clients grow successful businesses. Kickstart has been designed to help start-ups with limited budgets. Our aim is to make complex matters simple and to help you access professional expertise at a time when you need it most.

Access to help on the Kickstart hub and networking events are free of charge.

There is a small fee for legal documentation and the legal advisory service. Our packages start from £150 per year, and you can decide which would be most suitable for you in your free consultation. Should you require additional or more bespoke legal advice in the future, your Relationship Partner will help you manage your budget effectively.

Benefits Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Client Relationship Partner
Directors’ Toolkit
Contract/policy templates
(Fixed Fee)


Crisis Helpline
Company Secretarial Service
(Bronze Level)
Telephone Advice
(60 mins/mth)

(120 mins/mth)
Document Review Service
(60 mins/mth)

(120 mins/mth)
Legal Health Assessment
Safe 4 all service
(cloud based IT Storage service)

What do I need to get going?

Contact us at

- OR -

Attend one of our Kickstart
drop-in clinics

Be assigned a Kickstart relationship partner

Arrange a free consultation

We will recommend the best Kickstart option for you and your business

Together, we will agree a Kickstart action plan

Meet the team

Angela Shields

Kickstart Client Partner

T: 0118 957 0450

E: ashields@pitmans.com

Philip Weaver

Partner, Commercial

T: 0118 957 0441

E: pweaver@pitmans.com

Roger Gregory

Partner, Corporate & Finance

T: 0207 634 4634

E: rgregory@pitmans.com

William Richmond-Coggan

Partner, Dispute Resolution

T: 0118 957 0369

E: wrcoggan@pitmans.com

Jasmine Murphy

Director, Corporate

T: 0118 957 0284

E: jmurphy@pitmans.com

Jenny Littlewood

Director, Employment

T: 0118 957 0257

E: jlittlewood@pitmans.com

Donna Goddard

Director, Debt Recovery

T: 0118 957 0507

E: dgoddard@pitmans.com

Jim Meechan

Consultant, Finance

T: 0118 957 0220

E: jmeechan@pitmans.ocm

Sajjad Khan

Consultant, Brand Protection

T: 0207 634 4593

E: skhan@pitmans.com

Marie Evrard

Legal Adviser, Commercial

T: +44 (0) 118 957 0248

E: mevrard@pitmans.com