Interact Law

Pitmans undertakes a considerable volume of international work, much of which is undertaken with other law firms around the world with whom The Firm has a history of working with successfully in the past. The Firm has developed important links to grow the International practice throughout continental Europe through Interact Law which is an expanding network of legal firms working in association with each other.

The Firm is a founder member and has formal ties with law firms in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Helsingør, Lisbon, Madrid, Munich, Nicosia, Paris, Rome, Sofia and Zurich.

The Firm has a number of foreign-qualified or dual-qualified lawyers on our staff, as well as partners who have worked in other jurisdictions, notably France, Portugal, the United States of America, Hong Kong and Australia.

For further information regarding Interact Law, please contact David Archer or Oliver Pilkington on +44 (0) 207 634 4651 or +44 (0) 207 634 4597.


Pitmans LLP announced a new partnership with the Egyptian legal practice, Levari in February 2013. It is Pitmans’ first venture into the Middle East, and marks an important milestone in the firm’s delivery of legal services and international aspirations. For Levari, too, this marks a significant development and establishes them as a competitive force in the Egyptian legal service industry from the outset.

Levari, with offices in Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo, is headed by Partners Sherif Hefni and Mohamed Raslan. Both have significant experience in the Middle East, specialising in commercial, corporate and foreign investments advising clients from America, England and South Africa. However, like Pitmans, Levari is a full service law firm. For individuals, Levari will introduce a Legal Plan product unique to the Egyptian market which will provide clients with access to legal advice and translation services for an annual fee. Levari will work with Pitmans to undertake commercial and corporate work on international transactions for companies based around the world who invest in Egypt and be in a position to support individual clients who have interests in both England and Egypt.

The value in the association stems from the ability for Pitmans and Levari to provide a specialist service to clients who operate in both England and Egypt. Both Pitmans and Levari share an ethos focused on client service and the delivery of pragmatic, commercial legal advice, distinguishing Levari from other Egyptian law firms currently operating in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh.

For further information on Levari, please visit their website – or contact David Archer on +44 (0) 207 634 4651.